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Where can I edit wording on a Confirmation Letter?

1.   Click on the Setup button located on the top bar of the management screen.

2.   Click the Property button located on the top bar of management setup screen.

3.   Click the Letters tab, which will turn green.

4.   In the left corner click on either Conf Letters

Confirmation Letters

1.  Click on the button at the top of the screen to select confirmation letter you wish to modify. Based on the status of the reservation, the appropriate letter will be selected when printing a confirmation letter in reservations.

2.  When making changes to the letters, it is best to use spaces instead of the tab key for proper formatting of the letter.

3.  After making your changes, you may to print a sample confirmation letter in reservations. If the confirmation letter prints on 2 pages, it means that the letter is to long and you will need to shorten it.
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